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Professional Education Unit A-Z

Accrediting Agencies
Admission to Professional Education
Alternative Placement Program Request for Letter of Concentration
Assessments required across all PEU programs
Background Checks
Career Development
Clinical Practice
Cooperating Teachers (Handbook for Supervisors, Cooperating Teachers, and Principals)
Dispositions Assessment
Dispositions Assessment Explanation
Diversity in Field Experiences
Diversity in the College of Education
Early Release from Internship Form
Faculty (See Professional Education Faculty)
Field Experiences
Field Experiences/Clinical Practice Instructors' Checklist
Foreign Language Requirement
Frequently Asked Questions
Miscellaneous Links and Resources
OEQA (Office of Educational Quality and Accountability)
Oklahoma General Competencies for Teacher Licensure and Certification (O.S. 210:20-9-150)
Oklahoma State Department of Education Teacher Licensure and Certification Procedures
OGET (see Testing)
OPTE (see Testing)
OSAT (see Testing)
OSHA Training
OSU-Tulsa Public Schools Urban Education Partnership
Out-of-Area/Out-of-State Placements
Photo and Video Release
Photo and Video Release Spanish for Female Candidates
Photo and Video Release Spanish for Male Candidates
Policies and Procedures
Professional Education Candidate Complaint Form
Professional Education Council
Professional Education Faculty
Professional Education Unit Staff
Program Coordinator Calendar
Student Teacher/Clinical Practice Supervisor Application
Student Teaching
Student Teaching Placement Sites
Supervisors of Student Teachers (Handbook for Supervisors, Cooperating Teachers, and Principals)
Syllabus Attachment for Field Experience or Clinical Practice Course
What can I do with an Education major?