College of Education Scholarships

The College of Education awards a number of Undergraduate and Graduate scholarships each year.  From November 1 – February 1, scholarship applications are accepted from College of Education students for the upcoming Fall and Spring semesters.  Recipients selected to receive scholarship awards will be notified via the email address indicated on their  applications.  However, failure of a recipient to follow the steps necessary to accept his/her award within two weeks of the email notification will result in forfeiture of the award.  Subsequently, upon forfeiture of an award by the first recipient, the scholarship will be extended to an alternate recipient.  Finally, scholarship recipients are required to attend a Scholarship Reception on Saturday, April 13, 2013, at the College of Education’s Anderson Family Living Room.

SAHEP Scholarships
- Athletic Training
- Counseling
- Health Education and Promotion/
  Health & Human Performance
- Recreation Management/
  Therapeutic Recreation
 Leisure Studies
 Physical Education

SES Scholarships
- Aviation
- Education Leadership/
  College Student Development

STCL Scholarships
- Curriculum & Leadership Studies
- Elementary Education
- Occupational Education
- Secondary Education
- Special Education

General COE Scholarships