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Oklahoma State University

OSU AVED Safety Management Systems

Dean's Letter


Commitment to Aviation Safety Management Systems: Dean's Letter



Our program has four components which are a consistent application of the FAA mandated SMS programs for air carriers:

  • Safety Risk Management processes through which internal and external stakeholders to the OSU Aviation & Space program identify and evaluate regulatory changes, safety recommendations and individual submissions in our safety reporting system, especially those contributing to trending data.
  • Safety Assurance processes to ensure the prompt and appropriate incorporation of changes arising from new regulations and safety recommendations; and
  • Safety Promotion in the form of ongoing engagement with our students and staff.


OSU AVED Safety Reporting Form (electronic)
OSU AVED Safety Reporting Form
If you think that it is hazardous, please invest in your program. We want to hear about! Print the form, fill it out and deposit the form into the Safety Suggestion Box at the OSU Flight Center. 

OSU AVED Safety Committee

At the beginning and end of the Fall/Spring semesters, the OSU Safety Committee (comprised of (1) ProPilot Faculty; (1) Aviation Management Faculty representative; Flight Program Manager; Chief Flight Instructor; Assistant Chief Flight Instructor; Maintenance Director (or Assistant Maintenance Director); (1) Lead Student Dispatcher; (1) CFI Check Airmen; (1) ProPilot students who possess COMM/INST certificates; and (1) Aviation Management student) will meet to discuss SMS submissions, current concerns and issues. Of critical concern will be trending data which will also include recommendations for mitigation of risk to the program and the safety of our students. All pertinent safety reports will be de-identified and disseminated to the OSU AVED community with the Safety Committee’s recommendations to the AVED Faculty, Flight Instructors, Staff and Students. Additionally, recommendations will also be posted on the AVED webpage.  

2017-2018 Safety Committee Members

(1) ProPilot Faculty: Dr. Matt Vance
(1) Aviation Management Faculty: Dr. Chad Depperschmidt
Flight Program Manager: Mr. Lance Fortney
Chief Flight Instructor Dr. Mark Uhlman
Assistant Chief Flight Instructor: Mr. Jared Dunlap
Maintenance Director (or Asst. Maintenance Director):  Mr. Casey Rolaff (Mr. Brett Ward)
(1) Lead Student Dispatcher: Tommy Spedding
(1) CFI Check Airmen: Chase Cothran
(1) ProPilot student who possess COMM/INST certificates:  Phillip Parker
(1) Aviation Management student: Jenna Eslocker

Safety Committee Meeting Minutes

OSU Winter 2017 Safety Survey_SIUC