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Oklahoma State University

CERE Core Functions

Support Student and Faculty Research
CERE is a consultation center that provides: 1) direct consultation services (e.g. research and evaluation design, statistical analyses, psychometrics) to support faculty
and student research and evaluation; 2) tutoring services and instructional modules focusing on new and emerging methodologies to supplement current coursework; and 3) professional development to upgrade skills and knowledge of faculty members.

Support grant evaluation activity
CERE provides external grant and contract evaluation services in two ways:
1) to assist OSU principle investigators develop technically sound evaluation plans to enhance the competiveness of grants developed and submitted in the college and other units on campus; and 2) develop, implement, and staff evaluation activities during the conduct of funded programs.

Support primary grant activity
CERE will provide primary investigators for grants and produce to compete for funding to carry out strategic its grant-development efforts.

Support evaluation in Oklahoma Schools
cere studentsCERE provides leadership in the development of effective evaluation and
accountability models for K-12 education.  Associated activities include:
• Provide teacher and administrator professional development and in-service in:
• Research-based accountability models
• Interpreting standardized test data
• Assist schools/districts in areas such as:
• Student and teacher evaluation
• Implementing best practice assessment/accountability
• Serve as a resource to state agencies in areas such as:
• Conducting educational assessment and evaluation research
• Using data to make decisions about students, programs and policies