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Graduate Degrees

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College Teaching Graduate Certificate

The College Teaching Graduate Certificate program prepares current college instructors (and graduate students with teaching responsibilities) to become successful pedagogical leaders in higher education. The program provides systematic learning opportunities for students to improve their knowledge, skills and capacities for effective teaching in a diverse society, design and conduct teacher or action research, and develop pedagogical visions for meeting today’s challenges.

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College Teaching Graduate Certificate

M.S. Degree Program

The master’s degree option in Curriculum & Leadership Studies provides a sound foundation in curriculum knowledge including the social, philosophical, ethical and political, historical, and psychological aspects of the curriculum, curriculum planning, pedagogy, and curriculum leadership.

The degree program will deepen one’s knowledge of curriculum and will prepare graduates for positions as curriculum leaders, curriculum planners, curriculum administrators, curriculum consultants, teacher leaders, and teacher researchers. Program content will benefit those teachers pursuing National Board Certification.

The degree option is a 36-hour program with coursework in curriculum, teaching, learning, advocacy, leadership, multicultural and diversity issues, research including teacher research, and an area of emphasis tailored for the individual interests of students. All students have a take-home comprehensive exam over the program and complete either a Non-Thesis/Creative Component or Thesis. The Non-Thesis/Creative Component can take a variety of forms from an advanced paper over a curriculum topic to a creative demonstration of curriculum expertise. The thesis is original research. The student’s Advisory Committee (3 members, at least 2 of whom are Curriculum Studies faculty members) assists the student through all aspects of the program.

Are you concerned about fundamental curriculum issues in broad social, political, cultural and individual contexts? Are you interested in becoming an agent for positive change in education? Do you want to learn how to better plan curriculum and improve teaching? Do you want to investigate more deeply issues of teaching and learning? Do you want to explore the meaning of diversity and nonviolence in schooling, community college, and other educational sites? If so, then this degree option may be for you.

Ph.D. Degree Program

The mission of the Doctor of Philosophy Curriculum Studies is to cultivate scholars’ self-reflexivity, broad and deep understanding of curriculum studies as a field, and ability to create and use scholarship and research for the benefit of diverse local, national and international communities. 

The program offers students a choice of three options: Curriculum and Leadership, College Curriculum and Teaching, and International and Peace Curriculum. Curriculum and Leadership option focuses on the K-12 education and teacher education, College Curriculum and Teaching option prepares students specifically for positions in higher education, and International and Peace Education option focuses on leadership and advocacy for peace, nonviolence, sustainability in education and society. The latter two options are highly interdisciplinary in coursework.

The program prepares students for a variety of professional goals: curriculum generalists and specialists, curriculum coordinators, K-20 curriculum leaders, professors of education and teacher educators, curriculum designers and evaluators, curriculum materials writers, educational administrators at various levels, as well as educational leaders in social and cultural organizations.

Students will have opportunities to participate in the OSU Curriculum Studies Project working with internationally recognized scholars, collaborating in research, leadership events, and such school-based initiatives as curriculum development and evaluation, teacher research, analysis of teaching and learning, media literacy education, international curriculum dialogues, and peace and nonviolence education.

The Ph.D. in Curriculum Studies degree is a 63 hour (minimum) program with courses as common core, inquiry and research, specialization, and a cognate area tailored for the individual interests of students. All students take a qualifying exam over the program, pass a dissertation proposal, and complete original research in the form of a Doctoral Dissertation.