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Oklahoma State University

Counseling Psychology Doctoral Student Information

Post-Master’s Track

  • 4 years minimum to complete degree
  • Enter program with a master’s degree: counseling, clinical psychology, marriage and family therapy, or similar field
  • AT LEAST 100 hours of supervised clinical experience such as an internship or practicum

Post-Bachelor’s Track

  • 5 years minimum to complete degree
  • Enter degree program with a bachelor’s degree
  • No other graduate degrees with supervised clinical experience
  • Coursework begins in the SUMMER
  • Master’s degree in Educational Psychology, specialty Counseling Psychology en route to Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology

Student Tasks

  • Plan of Study
  • Academic Coursework
  • Practicum Experiences
  • Research Experiences
  • Comprehensive Exams
  • Doctoral Dissertation
  • Pre-Doctoral Internship Year

Plan of Study

  • Post-Master’s Track (1)
    • Post Master’s Plan of Study
  • Post Bachelor’s Track (2)
    • Post-Bachelor’s Plan of Study
    • Post Master’s Plan of Study

Academic Coursework

  • General Psychology Core
    • Biological Bases of Behavior
    • Cognitive-affective Bases of Behavior
    • Social Bases of Behavior
    • Individual Behavior
  • Counseling Psychology Core
    • Principles of Counseling Psychology
    • Career Development Theories
    • Group & Family Therapy
    • Multicultural Counseling
    • Professionalism and Ethics
  • Research Core
    • Statistics and Research Design
    • Research in Counseling
    • Psychometric Theory
    • Program Evaluation
    • Qualitative Inquiry and Related Fieldwork

Practicum Experiences

  • Post-Master’s Track
    • Doctoral level practicum courses – must have been preceded by at least 3 hours of practicum or internship at the master’s level
    • CPSY 5593, Counseling Practicum or CPSY 5683, Internship in Counseling I, or equivalent
  • Post-Bachelor’s Track
    • Students admitted into the post-bachelor’s track of the doctoral program in Counseling Psychology must complete two counseling internship courses
    • CPSY 5683, CPSY 5693
  • Practicum Opportunities

Research Experiences

  • Students are encouraged to begin participating in research activities early in their programs
  • Students initially become involved in research by joining research teams
  • Research teams
    • Consist of one or more faculty
    • Top of interest to group as a whole
  • Please refer to the Student Opportunities page for more information

Comprehensive Exams

  • Second year doctoral students’ take the Comprehensive Examinations after most of the coursework has been completed.
  • Written Section
    • 2 4-hour exams covering selected aspects of theory and research
  • Oral Section
    • 1-hour exam covering practice and specialty
  • Chairperson of student’s advisory committee reports the results of Comprehensive Examination to department head for referral to the Graduate College.

Doctoral Dissertation

Please refer to the following resources:

Pre-Doctoral Internship Year