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Oklahoma State University

Coaching Science Minor

The Coaching Science Minor is open to OSU students in any program of study.  It requires 20 hours of coursework and provides excellent preparation and credentials for coaching.

Content of the minor was developed using feedback from Oklahoma high school athletic directors. Classes in athletic training, nutrition, physical education, strength and conditioning, exercise physiology and sport management are included. The minor also counts toward a Bachelor of University Studies degree.

“As Oklahoma State strives to build an elite athletic programs while simultaneously creating one of the healthiest collegiate campuses in the country, they understand the role of coaching in achieving athletic goals at all levels. The skill you derive from a world class Coaching program like that of Oklahoma State is going to serve you in nearly every role you will take on, regardless of your career.”   -Joe Jacobi, Olympic gold medalist and Chief Executive Officer for USA Canoe/Kayak

“The single most important element of a successful athlete in the international theater is proper coaching. Further, one does not become a successful international coach without effective education and training.”   -Luke St. Onge, General Secretary, International Racquetball Federation.