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International Perspectives on Ethics and Leadership in Zimbabwe



This three-credit travel course, led by OSU’s Center for Ethical Leadership, takes students to Harare, Zimbabwe on a 10-day service-learning adventure in Southern Africa. Students will learn about the impact of philanthropic decision making and leadership from Dr. Tererai Trent, an OSU graduate who overcame insurmountable odds as a child in rural Zimbabwe to become one of the world’s most acclaimed voices for women’s empowerment and quality education, as well as a Global Ambassador of Education and Peace. Under Dr. Trent’s guidance and direction, along with her staff and OSU Course Leaders, students will examine the complexities and benefits of social change. From building a well to provide potable water in a rural, Zimbabwean village to sightseeing at the world’s largest waterfall, Victoria Falls, this travel course provides learners with a broad range of opportunities to understand leadership and ethical decision-making. Experience Zimbabwe through the eyes of an OSU alumna who refused to let the dictates of her country’s past become the narrative for own her future or for the future of her people. Develop your global competence and recognize yourself as an individual whose passion and academic preparation can unleash the power of your dreams.


  • Available to all OSU enrolled students and community members*
  • Scholarships and grants are available
  • Registration Deadline: March 9, 2021

*Community members, contact International Programs Coordinator for details.


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