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Oklahoma State University

Dominican Republic

Recreation & Sport for Youth and Community Development

RMRT 3010 / EF Course # 1971290PV

1 course, 2 options: May 2019
Travel Dates: May 22-29, 2019
On-campus class only OR On-campus class AND 8 days in the Dominican Republic

Dr. Taryn Price

Assistant Professor, Recreation Management
186 Colvin Center

"Life is about experiences and opportunities that we seek out and those that find us. Traveling to the Dominican Republic provides an ability to match your current passions be it sport, recreation, or tourism, while embarking on an ineffable journey that includes community service, social interactions, and leadership enhancement.”

Open to undergraduate and graduate students

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Explore the history and culture of recreation and sports within the country while gaining insight into how a local hobby has become a nationwide pastime— with many of the athletes ranking among the best in the world. Students will participate in a community development initiative that will have long term benefits for local youth community members in the Dominican Republic.

What does this trip include?

  • Trip includes: RT airfare, hotel stays, meals, service hours, leadership activities, tourist attractions, transportation, and flexible payment options
  • Must sign up on Banner, EF College Study Tours, and (more details to follow).
  • Insurance provided through OSU for $3/day for days traveled. Plus mandatory Health and Safety Training ($10)
  • More frequently asked questions.

This course is designed to help students:

1. Understand the importance of recreation and sport in the developmental process of youth domestically and abroad.
2. Understand different recreation and sport activities professionals can adapt in order to connect with youth community members nationally and internationally.
3. Understand the diverse function of recreation and sport’s role among youth domestically and internationally.
4. Understand the importance of self-reflection of recreation and sport manager’s adherence to community needs.
5. Students will have an opportunity to travel abroad in order to participate in an initiative to empower youth in the Dominican Republic.

More details will follow but students will need to enroll on:

1.     Banner
2.     EF College Study Tours

I look forward to meeting you! Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.