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Oklahoma State University

Elementary Education Faculty

The members of the Elementary Education faculty are experts in their respective disciplines who have appropriate school teaching experience and maintain close, current contact with the public schools. The elementary education faculty work with other professionals., including classroom teachers to provide elementary education majors with the pedagogy and experiences necessary to connect general education, subject area specializations, and other professional course work to practice and become successful teachers.


*Gayla Foster Art 223 Willard Hall 405-744-4585
*Toni Ivey Science 235 Willard Hall 405-744-8091
Suzii Parsons Literacy 253 Willard Hall 405-744-8104
Adrienne Sanogo Mathematics 230 Willard Hall 405-744-9515
Jennifer Sanders Literacy 242 Willard Hall 405-744-9214
Juliana Utley Mathematics 332 Willard Hall 405-744-7476
Sheri Vasinda Literacy 251 Willard Hall 405-744-8008
*Qiuying "Lydia" Wang Literacy 256 Willard Hall 405-744-8001


Adjunct Faculty

Ann Dugger   225 Willard Hall 405-744-7963
Amy Goad   245 Willard Hall 405-744-7125
Margie Harrison   245 Willard Hall 405-744-7125
Marla Ruark   245 Willard Hall 405-744-7125

* Program Coodinator