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Oklahoma State University

Educational Psychology Undergraduate Minors

Within Educational Psychology, there is no major area for undergraduates; however, there are three other options for those students acquiring Bachelor’s degrees to concentrate study in human development, learning, motivation, creativity, or leadership.

Educational Psychology Undergraduate Minor
Minor Description:  The Undergraduate Educational Psychology Minor seeks to provide students with foundational knowledge and skills for the study of development, psychology of learning, creativity, motivation, and student diversity.

  • 21 hours
  • Must have a grade of “C” or better in all courses, with a composite GPA of at least 2.5

Learning, Motivation and Creativity
EPSY 3513:  Behavior Management in the Classroom
EPSY 4223 Human Learning in Psychology
EPSY 3533: Motivation to Learn
EPSY 4533 Competency Motivation
EPSY 4063 Exploring Creative Experiences

Development  (maximum of 6 hours from this area)
EPSY 3113 Childhood Development
EPSY 3213 Adolescent Development
EPSY 3413 Child and Adolescent Development

SPED 3202:  Education of Exceptional Learners
EPSY 4533:  Violence in Schools
LEIS 2443:  Contemporary Issues in Diversity
CPSY 4443:  Cultural Diversity in Professional Life