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Oklahoma State University

Faculty Committees

Leadership Team

The shared governance structure of the COE has been designed to enable faculty to have a major influence on the policy and direction of the College of Education.  The Shared Leadership Team is an integral part of the communication process. Meetings of the Shared Leadership Team are open meetings with the exception of deliberations about sensitive personnel matters.  Each School has an elected representative to the leadership team that should communicate to and be a liaison for faculty within their school.  The Faculty handbook lays out the membership of the Shared Leadership Team.

2017-18 Leadership Team Members
School Heads Susan Stansberry Julie Koch Adrienne Sanogo Doug Smith
School Faculty Rep. Ben Bindewald Hugh Crethar Shelbie Witte TBA
Tulsa Faculty Rep.   Valerie McGaha    
FDRC Chair Ed Harris      
P&P Chair       Donna Lindenmeier
Student Affairs Chair     Jennifer Cribbs  

*Rotates yearly among schools


Faculty Development and Research Committee (FDRC)

The fundamental responsibilities of the Faculty Development and Research Committee include, but are not limited to, matters of: (1) faculty development; (2) funded and unfunded research; (3) personnel recruitment, selection, appraisal and development, appointment, reappointment, tenure and promotion; (4) grants, contracts, and extension; (5) diversity; and (6) grievance and appeals.  

2017-18 FDRC Members
Ed Harris Sue Jacobs Georgette Yetter Tim Passmore
Chad Depperschmidt Bridget Miller Qiuying Wang Tim Baghurst
Laura Barnes (Alt.) Valerie McGaha (Alt.) Toni Ivey (Alt.)  


Faculty Awards
FDRC solicts nominees and serves as the review panel for the COE awards. They make recommendations to the Dean on who receives these each year and who moves forward for university awards.  For a complete list of awards and timelines click here.

Sabbatical Leave:
Sabbatical leave may be requested by faculty members for the purpose of improving professional competence and effectiveness of service to the University. Members of the faculty may apply for a maximum leave of one calendar year (12 months) at reduced salary or a maximum leave of one-half year (6 months) at full salary. To qualify for a sabbatical leave, the candidate must have served as a faculty member for at least six academic years since initial appointment. Acceptance by the faculty member of a sabbatical leave entails an obligation to serve the University for one subsequent year, or refund to the University the salary paid while on leave. Faculty applying for sabbatical leave should contact University Personnel Services about benefits: OTRS requires special handling.


Program and Planning Committee (P&P)

Fundamental responsibilities of the Program and Planning Committee include, but are not limited to, matters of: (1) graduate programs; (2) undergraduate programs; (3) academic standards and curriculum; (4) planning and resource allocation; and (5) diversity.  

2017-18 P&P Members
Penny Thompson Tonya Hammer Stephanie Hathcock Donna Lindenmeier
Ki Cole Julie Croff Brian Poncy Trish Hughes
Kathy Curry (Alt.)   Erin Dyke (Alt.)  


Student Affairs

Responsibilities of the Student Affairs Committee include, but are not limited to, matters of: (1) recruitment and retention of students; (2) scholarships and awards; (3) advisement and counseling; (4) convocation and commencement; (5) diversity; and (6) grievance and appeals.  

2017-18 Student Affairs Committee Members
Matt Vance Randy Hubach Jennifer Cribbs Nate Jenkins
Tami Moore Valerie McGaha Penny Cantley (Alt.)  
Jackie Mania (Alt.)      

College Appointment, Re-Appointment, Promotion, and Tenure Committee (COE-ARPT)  

2017-18 ARPT Members
Tim Bliss Tonya Hammer Juliana Utley Tim Passmore
Guoping Zhao Carrie Winterowd Georgette Yetter Melissa Zahl

Student Tech Fee Committee

The COE Student Technology Fee (STF) Committee ensures the best stewardship of these funds and the maximum utilization of these resources.  The COE STF committee consists of representatives from the COE faculty, staff, and student body (both undergraduate and graduate) and meets once each semester.  The committee reviews suggestions and proposals for technology expenditures and submits a recommendation for the expenditure of these funds to the Dean of the College of Education for approval.  For more information and to download the COE Student Tech Fee Request Form click here.

2017-18 Student Tech Fees Committee Members
Mallory Casebolt TBA Shanedra Nowell Jason DeFreitas
Jane Vogler (Alt.)   Candace Gann (Alt.)  


Staff Action Team

2017-18 Staff Action Team Members
Member Area
Kim Lewer Chair
Casey Powell HR and Finance
Sue Goad Education Outreach
Debbie McAuliff Flight Center
April Casiano Dean's Office
Sherri Longan KAHR
Amber Grimm SEFLA
Jessie Marshall Student Services
Fred Waweru Technology
Brenda Brown Research