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Oklahoma State University

Campaign Priorities


Motivated students will go to great lengths to secure a top-notch education. For every inventive risk-taker, every hard-driving self-starter on our campus, there's a story of sacrifice. In small doses, sacrifice has value. But we need to keep financial burdens low if we mean to prepare graduates for unfettered.

Faculty Support (research, teaching and outreach)

Endowed professorships and chairs are the highest academic designations, made possible by support for faculty salary, graduate assistantships, equipment and research needs. Endowed positions will enable OSU to continue attracting and retaining the best and the brightest academic minds in the world. Every great university is distinguished by prized teachers and knowledge leaders.

Aerospace Research and Education Center

The College's aerospace administration and operations program produces professional pilots who find employment with regional and national airlines. The College plans to create a bridge program to equip students as they enter the commercial airline business, and a training program for commercial pilots, aimed at making them more aware of potentially dangerous behaviors that might influence flight safety. The Federal Aviation Administration has already shown interest in this training program.

Center for Ethics and Creative Leadership

Dissatisfaction with America's leaders is rising sharply according to a recent national survey. Confidence in America's leaders has declined, not just in politics and government, but also in education, religion, and business. To meet the challenges of the 21st Century, Oklahoma needs to develop inclusive, ethical, and effective leaders. The Center for Ethics and Creative Leadership will meet this challenge by coordinating multidisciplinary instruction, scholarship, service-learning field experiences, international study, and conferences for students and faculty at OSU-Stillwater and OSU-Tulsa.

Community Counseling and Resource Centers

The College of Education Community Services Center consists of the Counseling Psychology Clinic, the School Psychology Clinic and the Reading and Math Center. The Center is staffed by students and faculty in professional training programs within the College and addresses a broad range of critical needs facing children, adults and families in the surrounding community. These needs include mental health problems, such as depression, suicide, substance abuse and eating disorders, and academic concerns requiring interventions such as tutoring in reading and math and psychological assessment.

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at OSU

OLLI @ OSU is a program of educational courses for people who want to enrich their lives through new learning experiences and the sharing of ideas, opinions, and talents. Courses on a variety of topics are offered each semester to retirees and other adults in the community. Instructors are qualified volunteers who have a broad knowledge in a particular area of study and want both to share their knowledge and interact with others interested in the same area.

Center for Research on STEM Teaching and Learning (CRSTL)

This project targets the development of an interdisciplinary research and service center, Center for Research on STEM Teaching and Learning (CRSTL), that focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math as it relates to P-12 students. CRSTL will serve as a hub for coordinating research and demonstration projects, including STEM-related grant proposals to funding agencies.

CRSTL positions OSU as THE leader in STEM education by identifying and addressing the needs of Oklahoma students, educators and communities through the development of long-term sustainable relationships among the university faculty, teachers and schools.

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