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Oklahoma State University

Graduate Studies: Master of Science (M.S.) & Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)


 Degree  Option  Viewable Item(s)
 Master of Science in Counseling  *Mental Health Counseling  Admission Packet
 *School Counseling  Admission Packet
 Master of Science in Educational Leadership Studies  College Student Development  Admission Packet
 *School Administration  Admission Packet
 *Higher Education  Admission Packet
 Master of Science in Educational Psychology  *Educational Psychology  Degree Information
 Educational Research and Evaluation  Degree Information
 Master of Science in Educational Technology  Educational Technology  Degree Information
 School Library Media  Degree Information
 Master of Science in Health and Human Performance  Applied Exercise Science  Degree Information
 Health Promotion  Degree Information
 Physical Education  Degree Information
Master of Science in Leisure Studies    Degree Information
 Master of Science in Aviation and Space  Aviation and Space Science  Degree Information
 Master of Science in Teaching, Learning, and Leadership  Curriculum and Leadership Studies

 Degree Information

 Admissions Information

 Elementary, Middle, Secondary, & K-12 Education

 EMSK12 Admission Packet

Gifted and Talented Education Degree Information
Math and Science

 Math/Science Admission Packet

 Elementary Mathematics Specialist Admission Packet

 Workforce and Adult Education  Degree Information
 Reading and Literacy  Degree Information

 Secondary Education for Teachers 
 Non-Traditionally Certified or Seeking
 Initial License

 Degree Information
 Special Education  Degree Information
Master of Arts in Teaching
  • Elementary Education
  • Secondary Mathematics Education
  • Secondary Science Education
  • Secondary English Education
  • Secondary Social Studies Education
  • PK-12 Art Education
  • PK-12 Foreign Language Education

Degree Information

Admission Packet