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International Studies Haiti Trip Flyer

International Perspectives of Coaching
HHP 4010  3 credit hours
1 course, 2 options: June 2018
On-campus class only OR On-campus class AND 8 days in Pignon, Haiti

This course is designed to provide students with an understanding of the unique aspects of coaching international athletes and students. An option includes practical coaching opportunities in an international environment. Students will be placed in authentic coaching environments in an international setting, where they will be expected to design and deliver coaching across a variety of sports and across multiple age groups. Those who do not travel will learn the theoretical aspects of coaching internationals.

*Students enrolled in the Coaching Science minor may use a portion of the hours accrued in the international trip as hours toward their internship hours required in HHP 3883: Coaching Internship.

Tim Baghurst, Ph.D.
Coordinator, Physical Education and Coaching Science

"Taking an international trip is all about changing perspectives. It’s about seeing the world using a different lens, gaining a deeper appreciation of other cultures, and learning how to interact with people in a different language and from a different country. The best way to describe this trip to Haiti is authentic. We don’t stay in hotels, we work and coach kids in the local community, and we see how Haitians really live. No filter here! Although you’ll learn a lot from this trip and have a great time, it’s not really about that; it’s about what we can do and give to make a small difference in the lives of very underserved children"


Class Meetings: TBA
Travel Days: June 17-25, 2018
Follow-up Days: TBA
Application Deadline: March 1, 2018
Deposit: $200 non-refundable deposit due March 1. 2018

Student Testimonial

1. What was the best part of this course? Why?
The best part about this course was getting to experience the Haitian culture, seeing the way other people live was a life-changer for sure. This experience made me more appreciative of my life. 

2. What motivated you to sign up?
I wanted to experience something that was bigger than me. I had just gone through a life changing event in my life and realized how short life is and I wanted to branch out. This was a perfect opportunity to pursue that goal.

3. How did this course compare/ differ from other courses you’ve taken at OSU?
Well for one reason, it was not in a classroom by any means and you are at a different place. This class was way more interactive in my opinion. You were physically somewhere totally different from where you are usually.