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Oklahoma State University

Hall of Fame

Nomination Form

2019 Hall of Fame Nomination Check List:

  • Signed and completed nomination form 
  • Nominee’s vita or resume
  • Narrative outlining the nominee’s:
  • Professional achievements
  • Professional affiliations and recognition
  • Civic and humanitarian service
  • Honors and awards
  • Service to and support of OSU and the College of Education, Health and Aviation
  • Other significant information
  •  Letters of recommendation (up to five letters of support)

*These supporting documents can be uploaded and attached to the online submission form or sent via e-mail to (send attachments as PDF files). All nominations and supporting documents must be received by Nov. 1, 2018 (for consideration for the 2019 awards). For more information, please call 405.744.3373.


Induction into the College of Education, Health and Aviation (EHA) Hall of Fame is the highest honor bestowed upon an individual by the Oklahoma State University (OSU) EHA.  This award is extended to alumni and friends in recognition of their professional achievement and service to society, the College, and/or the University, which have thus brought honor and distinction to the EHA at OSU.

  1. Alumni and friends of the College are inducted annually.
  2. Individuals recommended must be graduates or friends of the OSU EHA who have demonstrated leadership and a strong commitment to the College.
  3. Any individual or group may submit a nomination to April Casiano in the College of Education, Health and Aviation Dean's Office (Willard 339, Stillwater, OK 74078) by November 1.  Nominations will be solicited from the EHA Associates, the EHA Alumni Association, and the EHA faculty.  The College will acknowledge receipt of all nominations in writing.
  4. While not a mandatory criterion, contributions to the advancement of the OSU EHA and service to the EHA Associates are considered.
  5. Current officers of the EHA Alumni Association Board of Directors, officers of the OSU Alumni Association Board of Directors, and the Chair of the EHA Associates are not eligible for this award until two years after the completion of their term.
  6. Persons employed by the OSU EHA, members of the OSU Board of Regents, and persons active in positions directly relating to University operations, such as state officials, state legislators, and members of the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education are not eligible for this award.
  7. To receive the award, nominees must agree to attend the ceremony.  The Committee may choose an alternate in the event that one of those originally selected cannot attend.  (Exceptions may be made at the Dean’s discretion, e.g., illness, infirmity.)  In the event the original nominee cannot attend, she/he will be automatically considered for the following year.
  8. Nominations remain in the nomination pool for three years.  After three years, the individual’s nomination must be submitted again.

Selection Committee

The selection Committee for the Hall of Fame will consist of the following representatives:

  • Alumni Board of Directors Past President or designee
  • Chair of the EHA Associates or designee
  • Faculty Development and Research Committee Chair or designee
  • Two at-large members (e.g., foundation staff, EHA alumni)

Responsibilities of the Selection Committee:

  • Solicit names for nomination of awards
  • Meet as a committee to select all alumni awards

Method of Award

A EHA Hall of Fame sculpture will be presented during the induction, along with a ceremony appropriate to the importance and dignity of this honor.

A plaque will hang permanently in Willard Hall, the home of the College of Education, Health and Aviation, to further honor the inductees.

College of Education, Health and Aviation Hall of Fame Members


Mr. Jimmie Baker, Class of 1947
Ms. Gladys Warren, Class of 1937
Ms. Opal E. Collins, Class of 1933
Mr. E.T. Dunlap, M.S. 1942, Ed.D. 1956


Dr. Ronald G. Area, Ed.D. 1978
Dr. Lola Idella Lohman, Class of 1932, M.S. 1937
Dr. Helmer Sorenson, Dean Emeritus
Ms. Georgan Wallace Reitmeier, Class of 1964, M.S. 1966


Dr. N. Jo Campbell, Class of 1966, Professor Emeritus
Dr. John Conyers, Ed.D. 1976
Ms. Caroline Linehan, Class of 1961
Dr. Betty Williams Metheny, Ed.D. 1978
Dr. George Rowley, Ed.D. 1967
Dr. William "Bill" Sutton, Class of 1972, M.S. 1980, Ed.D. 1983
Ms. Judy Bradbury Turner, Class of 1966
Dr. Jerry D. Weast, Ed.D. 1981


Dr. Jeanne Agnew, Professor Emeritus
Dr. Isabel Baker, M.S. 1954, Ed.D. 1972
Dr. Clayton A. Morgan, Professor Emeritus
Dr. Cindy Ross, Class of 1983, M.S. 1986, Ed.D. 1989
Coach Eddie Sutton, Class 0f 1958, M.S. 1959


Alyce Faye Eichelberger Cleese, Class of 1966
Dr. Thomas McKeon, M.S. 1983, Ed.D. 1989
Mr. Phil Trenary, Class of 1979
Dr. Nancy O'Donnell, M.S. 1980, Ed.D. 1988


Dr. Bernard Belden, Professor Emeritus
Dr. Cathy Jameson, Class of 1971
Ms. Sherry Morgan, Class of 1970, M.S. 1976
Ms. Toni Stone, Class of 1963, M.S. 1967


Dr. Mary Winstead Bonner, Ed.D. 1968
Coach John Smith, Class of 1988
Dr. Thomas Smith, M.S. 1955, Ed.D. 1966
Dr. William “Bill” White, Class of 1971, M.S. 1973, Ed.D. 1977


Dr. Daniel Selakovich, Professor Emeritus
Dr. Terry Shaw, Class of 1968, Ed.D. 1977


Dr. Cecil Dugger, Ed.D. 1968 and Professor Emeritus
Dr. Jeffery Fair, Ed.D. 1987


Dr. Deborah Hopkins Bosch, Ed.D. 1991
Mr. Piyush Patel, Class of 1998


Mr. Frank L. Morsani, Class of 1957
Dr. Francis Tuttle, Class of 1942
Dr. Robert B. Kamm, President Emeritus


Dr. Ann Marie Benson, Class of 1968, M.S. 1972, Ed.D. 1978
Mr. H. F. Donnelley, Youth Services Pioneer
Dr. Kenneth St. Clair, Professor Emeritus
Ms. Kim Hogan Watson, Class of 1973

Mr. Neill Armstrong, Class of 1947
Dr. Jerry E. Burson, Class of 1955, M.S. 1960, Ed.D. 1966
Dr. Barry Epperley, Class of 1966, M.S. 1969
Mr. Robert Fenimore, Class of 1947
Dr. Harold Hosey, Ed.D. 1972
Dr. Audrey Oaks, Ed.D. 1971, Professor Emeritus
Dr. Gerry Pinkston, Class of 1971, Ed.D. 1982
Dr. Randall Raburn, Ed.D. 1978


Dr. Mary Frye, M.S. 1966, Ed.D. 1980
Mr. Joe Ogle, Class of 1961
Coach Doyle Parrack, Class of 1943
Dr. L M Sullivan, Ed.D. 1968
Ms. Pauline Winter, Professor Emeritus


Mr. Stephen Birch, Class of 1993
Dr. A.B. Harrison, Professor Emeritus
Dr. Cecil Miskell, Class of 1967, Ed.D. 1970
Jill Shackelford, Class of 1966, M.S. 1983, Ed.D 1992
Randall and Carol White


Ms. Karen Anderson, Class of 1963
Ms. Wally Funk, Class of 1960
Dr. Lloyd Lewan, Ed.D. 1979


Mr. Steven Farris, Class of 1971
Dr. Henry Kirkland, Jr., Ed.D. 1979
Ms. Ann Phillips, Class of 1943
Dr. Kenneth Wiggins, Professor Emeritus


Dr. Lloyd D. Briggs, Class of 1960, M.S. 1965, Ed.D. 1971
Mrs. Susan Jacques, Class of 1975


Dr. Ted Mills, Professor Emeritus
Dr. John Woods, Class of 1965


Mrs. Mary Lynn Peacher, Class of 1969
Dr. J. Helen Perkins. Ph.D. 1999