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Oklahoma State University

Student Teaching Abroad

Since 2003 over two hundred OSU students have performed their student teaching practicum in either Costa Rica or England.The goal  of the international internship program is to expand the personal and professional experience of students to enrich their global perspectives as teachers.  In addition, experience student teaching abroad can help students incorporate international teaching opportunities in their careers.  Likewise, experience student teaching abroad can increase a student’s employability domestically as school administrators seek teachers who can meet the student needs of culturally diverse classrooms.

These 14-week internships are available to Elementary and Secondary Education and Health and Human Performance majors during the last semester of an undergraduate teaching program and fulfill the requirements for teaching certification. Students choose the site they want. Between three and twelve students are placed at a site. Students on this program are required to use a buddy-system and can enjoy traveling on their weekends and breaks. However, travel opportunities in advance or immediately after the internship are limited due to program requirements in Stillwater. EHA faculty accompany students to their teaching sites and return halfway through the internship for observations.

Program and Application Materials

Money Matters

Costs vary by destination. Monies available for student teaching abroad include the Provost & Humphreys scholarships and possible increased financial aid.
Non-resident tuition and fee rates as well as non-resident fee-waivers do not apply.