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Oklahoma State University

Dillon International Summer Camps

Dillon International Summer Camps

Are you looking for experience working with international families in the local Tulsa and OKC area?

Dillon International is a non-profit international adoption agency based in Tulsa, that provides ongoing support to families and hosts international summer camps. Dillon International has short-term summer positions for their international camps; all are unpaid and operate on a volunteer basis. 

This is a great short-term and local opportunity for students looking to learn more about other cultures. This is also a great experience for students who are considering traveling abroad or international student teaching, but in a closer-to-home setting.

Lisa Wiedenhaupt, Director of Lifetime Support Services Department can be contacted for additional details.


  • Time commitment: The camps are three days in length.  They run from 9:30AM to 3:30PM.  Dillon International does like volunteers who are going to be in a classroom to be there the entire time of camp.  If someone is only able to come one day that is fine, as they will be put in a more general volunteer position.
  • Application process: an online application form and a background check.

The 2019 summer camps are as follows:

Dillon International Summer Camps