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Why Choose England?



The Department of Defense Schools system teaches the children of US military families worldwide. They are 100% accredited schools, and their students rank among the highest in the nation in math. As a DoDDs intern, you will be eligible for employment in the DoDDs system upon graduation. Otherwise, you must have two years of teaching experience before you can apply. DoDDs teachers can elect to teach most anywhere in the world at great pay with housing and travel allowance provided.


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Tour Europe

As a student teacher on a military base, you qualify for the economical tours available to military families. Students in this program tour Europe on their weekends.


Lackenheath MSFeltwell ElementaryLiberty IntermediateLackenheath Elementary


Classroom Technology

DoDDs schools are well funded with the latest technology available in most classrooms. What is smarter than a Smart Board? Find out. Imagine each of your students with their own school computer instead of two computers per classroom. Learn what technology can do in a classroom when it is actually in a classrooms.Watch the England "Happy" Video

EHA Faculty

Dr. Adrienne Sanogo
Dr. Juliana Utley



Students in DoDDs are from all over the world. Most will have lived in several countries. Also, their parents are on active duty. Their community culture is unique in its acceptance of uncertainty, personal sacrifices and duty. If you have never been exposed to the US military culture, now is your chance to broaden your understanding of the circumstances of world politics.

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