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Visit India to explore applied sustainable practices across multiple industries and social services. Several courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels are offered along with this trip. Enjoy the major cultural highlights with the larger group and smaller side trips with students in your particular course. The undergraduate courses fulfill the “I” credit. In addition, if you need a longer trip or more credit hours to fulfill your major requirements, you are invited to speak with the appropriate tour leader for your college in the list below.

Preliminary Syllabus, Itinerary and Costs

College of Education

CPSY 5320 Graduate/ EDUC 3080 Undergrad (I)

  • 3 credit hours Summer 2015

Seminar in Counseling Psychology:

  • Interdisciplinary Global Sustainability- India

Dr. Sue Jacobs

College of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Shelia Kennison

People around the well in India

Let us know if you are interested! 


Important Documents for the Tour
Study Abroad Scholarship Application