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Oklahoma State University

India & Sri Lanka

Trip Name: Sustainability in India & Sri Lanka, Winter Intersession

Course Number(s):
EDUC 3080: Global Sustainability ("I" credit)
CPSY 5320: Seminar in Counseling (graduate)
HONR 3000: Global Sustainability (Honors "H")

Travel dates: Dec. 26, 2017 – Jan. 14, 2018

Trip leaders:   

Informational Meetings*:     

  • Tuesday, August 24th@ 6:30 pm in Room 108, Willard Hall

*If you cannot attend either of these sessions but are interested, please contact one of the course leaders or Cindy Cario, Intl. Studies Coord.(

Course description (3 credit hours)

Overall, this course is an exploration into the education, culture, traditions, physical and mental health of two diverse and culturally rich South Asian nations. We expect to bring an educationally diverse group along with us on this journey. All majors are welcome to attend. This course will engage students in multiple experiences through readings, meetings, site visits, travel, multidisciplinary discussions, and critical written and verbal reflections on contemporary and historical India and Sri Lanka. Specifically, students will explore historical and world heritage sites, the diversity of people, religions, environments, sustainable practices, rural and urban settings, education, mental health, and culture. We will also enjoy the feeding of orphaned baby elephants, rescue of sea turtles, a dawn boat ride in the Ganges, tea plantation and lounging on beaches in 80 degree weather in January.

Because this course is open to graduate students, undergraduates and those in the honors program, specific requirements will vary.  Each student will focus on a topic of interest on historical traditions and contemporary factors in India and Sri Lanka that may be contributing to global sustainability and share what they are learning with others throughout the course. Previous students’ topics have ranged from the role of women, educational practices, counseling and mental health, views and lived experiences of religion in contrast to US, engineering, marriage, comparative views of sustainable practices by individuals in US and India and so forth.

Are there past students to contact for additional feedback? Not at this time.

Student population:

Undergraduate and graduate students are welcome! Honors credit available!

This is a one-of-a-kind trip that may be of particular interest to those studying animal science, education, counseling, environmental studies, history, sociology, international affairs, sustainability, South Asian relations, or anyone interested in India and Sri Lanka.

Special note:

  • Because a visa will be required for both countries, please contact Dr. Jacobs, Dr. Desilva, or Cindy Cario if you are interested. This is to ensure timely visa requests.
  • There will be 2 mandatory pre-departure meetings (logistics, cultural awareness).

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