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Oklahoma State University

Oklahoma State University Outstanding Mentor Educator Award

The purpose of the Oklahoma State University Outstanding Mentor Educator Award, sponsored by the OSU College of Education is to recognize and reward excellence in the area of mentoring candidates in clinical practice. This award honors the commitment of preparing professional educators who facilitate lifelong learning and enrich the quality of life for people in public schools and other educational settings.

OSU clinical practice interns, faculty advisors/supervisors, and school administrators are invited to submit nominations for this award. An outstanding mentor educator will be selected from the following categories:

1) Elementary/Early Childhood Education
2) Secondary Education
3) Other/PK-12 (i.e. math specialist, principal, library-media specialist, reading specialist, school counselor, school psychologist, special education, speech/language pathology)

Nominations must be completed and submitted by Friday, April 8 (see form below). Recipients will be notified by May 1, 2016. Awards will be presented at the recipient’s school site (arrangements will be made for awards to be presented prior to summer break). If your nominee is selected for the award, you are invited to participate in the award presentation and you will also receive a special COE gift basket.

An outstanding mentor educator is someone who:

  • Provides leadership for candidates during their clinical practice internships to improve the quality of education to enhance economic development in Oklahoma
  • Models a culturally responsive, intellectually stimulating and dynamic community and is a leader in innovative practices in the educational setting
  • Immerses their candidates in the learning community and provides opportunities for them to develop and demonstrate competence in the professional roles for which they are preparing
  • Educates candidates to be lifelong learners, and intellectually and ethically prepared to serve and lead in an increasingly complex, global society
  • Demonstrates professional responsibility, evidentiary assessment, effective classroom management and the ability to lead and nurture preservice teachers

Criteria for nomination:

  • Employed full-time by Oklahoma school system
  • Mentored a OSU clinical practice intern during the current semester
  • Demonstrated exemplary ability and effort in the mentoring of candidates

Required Supporting Documents:

  • 500-word narrative explaining why your mentor educator is outstanding, please address the following:

o   Why are you nominating your mentor educator?

o   Describe how the nominee helped your development and growth as an educator. Consider not only how the mentor helped you have a successful clinical practice internship, but also how the experience has built a solid foundation for your current or future professional growth

-  Provide 1-2 detailed examples that will convince the committee that your mentor exemplifies the qualities of an outstanding mentor educator

     o   Use the outstanding mentor educator description listed previously to help your narrative              

Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf doc docx.