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Oklahoma State University

OSU Flying Aggies Win Regional Title for Second Straight Year

Monday, November 2, 2015

For the second straight year, the Oklahoma State University Flying Aggies Flight Team placed first in the National Intercollegiate Flying Association SAFECON Region VI Competition, held in St, Louis, Mo., October 19-24. Oklahoma State defeated six other schools to win the region and secure a place in the national competition in May 2016 in Columbus, Ohio.

OSU totaled 522 points, including a competition-best 321 points in Flight Events, and also won the Regional Safety Award. Southeastern Oklahoma State University and the University of Nebraska-Omaha also move on to the national competition with second and third place finishes, respectively.  

OSU team members are Steven Anderson, Joseph Campise, Paulo Claudio, Garrett Dinkins, Paul Downing, Clifton Durante, Rachel Earnhardt, Andrew Edgeller, Dillon Lain, Maxwell Maroney, Lucy McCollom, Benny Miller, Rusty Ridenour, Christian Spear, and Harrison Stegmann. Rick Gladden, Wendal Vaughan, and aerospace administration and operations assistant professor Matt Vance serve as coaches for the team.

Top individual performers included Earnhardt, who was the Top Scoring Female Contestant. McCollom placed fourth in the category.

Downing was No. 4 on the list of Top Scoring Contestants and he was joined by Maroney (fifth) and Ridenour (eighth) in the top 10. That trio also placed in the top 10 for the regional’s Top Pilot Award. Ridenour earned fourth placed, Maroney fifth and Downing sixth.  

Competition events included Aircraft Preflight Inspection, Computer Accuracy, Message Drop, Aircraft Recognition, Navigation, Simulated Comprehensive Aircraft Navigation, Short Field Approach and Landing, Ground Trainer and Power Off Landing. 

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School Overall Ranking                                            Points

1. Oklahoma State University                                  522
2. Southeastern Oklahoma State University              481
3. University of Nebraska - Omaha                            439
4. University of Central Missouri                                 380
5. Kansas State University - Salina                            345
6. St. Louis University Parks College                         265
7. University of Oklahoma                                         132

School Flight Events Ranking                                Points

1. Oklahoma State University                                  321
2. University of Nebraska - Omaha                            300
3. Southeastern Oklahoma State University              265
4. University of Central Missouri                                203
5. Kansas State University - Salina                           192
6. St. Louis University Parks College                         89
7. University of Oklahoma                                          80