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Oklahoma State University

OStateTV Video: Health Education and Promotion’s Randy Hubach

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Randy Hubach, assistant professor in health education and promotion, talks about student opportunities in his program area and the culture of Oklahoma State’s applied health degree options in this spotlight video.

 “For my colleagues and myself, we are all about service-based learning,” Hubach said. “We are constantly asking, how can we engage students to hopefully put them into a perspective that when they leave here they can get that dream job that they want? A lot of the students that come into our courses might say, ‘I want this job’ or ‘this is what I want to do’ and thru nurturing relationships with faculty members they notice and change that ideal outcome.”

Hubach says it’s the culture of the academic department that makes a difference.

“Through our smaller class sizes and having personal time and attention with faculty at the College Of Education it allows students the unique opportunity to hone in their interests and also see what are the next steps. Is it doing an internship? Is it working with us on research? Or, maybe it’s working out in the field and advancing to a graduate degree from there,” he said.

“OSU allows for the engagement of both students and faculty. We are just the right size of University and the faculty is always present. Our doors are always open and we want to engage students.”