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Oklahoma State University

OSU Flight Team Places in Top 10 at Nationals

Friday, June 2, 2017

OSU Flight Team MemebersFor each of the last three years, the Oklahoma State University Flying Aggies Flight Team has captured the National Intercollegiate Flying Association (NIFA) Safety and Flight Evaluation Conference (SAFECON) Region VI title and earned a place at the national competition. 

This year, the OSU Flying Aggies competed at SAFECON Nationals May 8-15 in Columbus, Ohio, at Ohio State University, along with 26 other universities. Six flight events, five ground events and 12 individual and team events were held. OSU’s Flying Aggies placed 10th at this year’s nationals. 

The team consisted of 12 students, with Harrison Stegmann as captain and Benny Miller as co-captains. The team members are Miles TurnerDavid KochMaxwell MaroneyClifton DuranteMackenzie OdomDillon LainNate AndersZachary AlstattAlex Dunbar, and Andrew Edgeller. Aviation assistant professor Dr. Matt Vance serves as OSU Flight Team coach and Jared Dunlap serves as assistant coach.

Senior and first-time team member Mackenzie Odom earned first place in the Women’s Achievement Award, sponsored by the international organization of women pilots, the Ninety-Nines.Mackenzie Odom Earned First Place in the Women's Achievement Award

In the competition’s “Power-Off Landings” event, junior Clifton Durante and freshman Alex Dunbar scored fourth and fifth, respectively, against 113 pilots. Junior Benny Miller was given a safety presentation, which earned the team 3rd place in the American Airlines Safety award. Senior Andrew Edgeller came in fourth among 13 competitors in the Certified Flight Instructor competition. The team nominated sophomore Zachary Alstatt for Outstanding Team member, due to hard work and dedication.

Beyond the competition and results, coaches Vance and Dunlap stress that team members simultaneously learn and demonstrate leadership and team behaviors. 

“It is a pleasure to see students respond and rise to this challenge, helping each other, leading each other and sharing their OSU enthusiasm with other schools,” Vance said.  “The Flight Team’s offsite competition travel was again this year generously supported by donors and the OSU Flight Center – the team is privileged to represent OSU and is very thankful for all the financial support.”