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Oklahoma State University

International Studies: Greece


Greece: LGBTQ Advocacy in the Spotlight: OSU-OCU Interdisciplinary Leadership

Course Numbers: CPSY 6320

Travel Dates: May 12-25, 2018

Info Meeting Dates: Tues Jan. 23 @ 5 pm Willard 105 and Wed. Jan. 24 @ 12:30 pm Willard 107

Trip Leaders: Dr. Tonya  The Parthenon

                      Dr. Liz

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Course description:

Participate in this unique partnership exploring quality creative forms of expression with a focus on LGBTQ populations and leadership in Athens, Greece.

This faculty-led program is a 2-week, 3-credit study abroad partnership between Oklahoma State University (OSU) and Oklahoma City University (OCU).  
Explore the roles education and advocacy play within the context of gender and sexuality minorities in Greece--and back in the U.S.
Explore children's and young adult literature as well as other forms of media including podcasts, film, and public art, and how media can be used to be inclusive or exclusive. Dr. Hammer will expand on these issues to explore methods of inclusivity in the counseling field.
Visit the Acropolis, local graffiti art, collaborate with Colour Youth and learn more about Rainbow Families.
Cruise the Saronic Gulf, visit Hydra, Poros, and Aegina.

All students welcome!

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