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Oklahoma State University

International Studies: Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Costa Rica: Context & Culture—Costa Rica to Oklahoma 

Course Numbers: EDUC 3080, CPSY 4443
**Honors credit available. Please contact one of the faculty members for more details.**Costa Rica Students

Travel dates: May 21-31, 2018

Trip leaders:

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Course description:  When you hear someone mention Costa Rica, zip-lining over verdant, bio-rich landscapes jeweled with cascading waterfalls, hiking on active volcanoes, and basking on the beaches of golden coastlines generally come to mind. Those who will join us on this trip will experience these things, but there will be so much more as the group encounters the culture and context of those who live there. The study abroad courses will focus on issues of culture, context, history and social justice—in Costa Rica and its association with the U.S. and the World. Come have a transformative experience by joining this study abroad trip to Costa Rica this May. Join us in becoming more empowered citizens of the world!

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