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Oklahoma State University

Counseling Psychology Stillwater and OSU Information

Stillwater is a city of  47,000 residents.  It is 60 miles west of Tulsa and 60 miles northeast of Oklahoma City.  The student enrollment at the Stillwater campus is currently 18,560.   Approximately 18% of the students are members of ethnic minority groups.  Many activities center around the University campus. Big-12 football, basketball, wrestling, golf, and baseball, as well as cultural events like theater and musical concerts are examples of OSU activities.

The climate is generally mild, and summers tend to be very warm.  Several large lakes and surrounding recreation areas close to town provide opportunities for swimming, water skiing, fishing, camping, hiking, picnicking and biking.

A variety of houses and apartments are available for rent off-campus.  On-campus accommodation is available for single students in residence halls, and in University apartments for single students and families.  It is a good idea to arrange on-campus housing early since waiting lists are common.

Airports are approximately one hour in either direction from the main campus, however the BOB Universtiy Transit Shutle runs from Stillwater to Tulsa and back consistantly.

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Off-Campus Housing Options