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Oklahoma State University

Field Experiences

Field Experiences and the Clinical Practice Internship are carefully crafted to provide the best professional experience for candidates.

All internships occur in public schools.

Candidates will be placed in diverse school settings: a variety of socio-economic settings--such as rural, suburban, or urban schools--and experiences with a diverse group of students. Previous clinical/field experiences will be considered when determining the internship placement. See the OSU Professional Education Diversity Statement for more details.

Candidates will be placed in a location where professional experiences can develop. Candidates will not be placed in a school where their children attend, a relative is employed, or they have developed a personal relationship with the cooperating teacher. In addition, candidates will not be placed in the school system from which they graduated.

Finances cannot be considered when determining the internship placement.

Out-of-area/out-of-state placements are rare and only granted in extreme cases. To request an out-of-area/out-of/state placement, refer to the policy on the OSU Professional Education website. Note that the intern must appeal to the Field Experiences Committee for consideration, and, if granted, the intern bears all financial responsibility associated with travel to on-campus meetings, supervision, and fees charged by a cooperating institution. Some programs facilitate international student teaching; check with your program for details. Documents to download: Out-of-Area/Out-of-State Policy and Out-of-Area/Out-of-State Request Form and Financial Worksheet for Out-of-Area/Out-of-State Placements

NOTE: Check with your program area for information about any additional placement requirements for your certification area prior to completing your application.

Placement will be based on the following criteria:

  1. OSU must have a contractual agreement with the participating school district,
  2. the principal and the cooperating teacher must be in agreement about the placement,
  3. the Cooperating Teacher must meet established criteria to work with a candidate, and
  4. a qualified OSU Supervisor must be available for travel to that site.