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Oklahoma State University

EHA Technology Staff

College of Education, Health and Aviation - Director of Technology:

Dr. Don Fry
002FA Willard Hall
(405) 744-4645

For Classroom Technology Support:
Dustin Ivey
Manager of Instructional Support
002E Willard Hall
(405) 744-5722

For Desktop Computer Support:
Fred Waweru
Computer Support Specialist
003 Willard Hall
(405) 744-3458

For Instructional Technology Support, assistance with D2L,
online surveys, and Smartboard training:

Aarond H. Graham
Instructional Support Specialist
002D Willard Hall
(405) 744-8010

For network access and permissions, and IT security issues:
Andy Maxey
Computer Support Specialist
003 Willard Hall
(405) 744-7124

For database applications development:
J. D. Winterhalter
Database Developer
003 Willard Hall
(405) 744-2469