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Oklahoma State University

Oklahoma Educational Studies Association

Call for Proposals for the 2016 Annual Meeting, March 26
Oklahoma State University
                    Willard Hall
                  Stillwater, Oklahoma

            Deadline Extended

  Conference Theme:
Negotiating Voices in Multicultural Societies:
Education and Research for Social Justice and Equity

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The OSU Chapter of Oklahoma Educational Studies Association invites proposals for paper presentations, poster presentations, and short films for the 2016 annual meeting, set for March 26 from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Willard Hall, Oklahoma State University in Stillwater.

The conference is held by the Social Foundations of Education program in the School of Educational Studies. This conference is a great opportunity for graduate students and faculty to present their work, share works in progress, and prepare to participate in national/international conferences. Please consider submitting an abstract (as an attachment in Microsoft Word) of no more than 250 words to by March 11, 2016.  

This conference aims to question local, national, and global practices and policies in formal and informal education that fail to fully recognize the many voices of difference in our richly diverse society. It encourages new ways of thinking to address the narrow parameters of contemporary conceptions of education, making schools sites that often perpetuate the status quo, reconstructing unequal relations of power. In both local and global contexts serious political and economic issues are playing a prominent role in decisions affecting  our world, specifically concerning race, gender, ability, language, sexuality, class and immigration. Education and educational research play an important role in negotiating voices and promoting justice and equity. We call for papers, posters, and other forms of scholarly and creative work that will challenge the traditional narratives of exclusion and engage in conversations that will broaden our understanding and help us embrace a multicultural society.

Topics may include, but are not limited to:

  • The notion of community reconsidered
  • Democracy and education
  • Multiculturalism in the classroom TESOL / Linguistic issues
  • Differences in Race, Gender, Sexuality, Dis/ability, Religion… and more 
  • History, Philosophy, Sociology, Anthropology, Economics, and Aesthetics of Education
  • Educational Policy Studies
  • Curriculum Studies
  • Cultural Studies
  • Comparative and International Education
  • Rhetoric and Literacy-Educational Studies
  • Family Studies
  • Professional Education Studies
  • School Social Work & Youth Recreational Education
  • Leisure Studies
  • Education for Social Justice and Eco-Justice.

Proposal guidelines
Proposal submissions should include a cover page and a brief summary of the proposed scholarly work. The cover page should include: the title of the proposal, the proposal category, and the name, institutional affiliation, email address, and telephone number for each presenter. The summary should include: the title of the proposal, objectives/purposes, context, methods, arguments/conclusions, and, importance/relevance. Do not include identifying information in the summary. Summaries for individual papers and posters should be in an attachment in Microsoft Word and should not exceed 250 words (excluding references).

A poster session will be offered during which students, educators, and practitioners can present research, projects, and original work related to the conference theme. Posters are intended to provide participants with the ability to connect with others and engage in substantive discussions about their work.

Guidelines for submission:
Please email 250 word abstracts as an attachment (Microsoft Word) to by March 11, 2016. Please, include all presenters’ names and institutions. Authors of accepted proposals will be contacted through email by March 16, 2016.

Registration:  OESA 2016 Conference " Negotiating Voices in Multicultural Societies: Education and Research for Social Justice and Equity "is scheduled for March 26, 2014 from 8:00 AM-5:00 PM in Willard Hall on Oklahoma State University's Campus. Early Bird registration is $15 for students and $30 for faculty. Registrations received after March 11, 2016 at midnight will be $20 for students and $35 for faculty. Coffee and donuts will be provided at registration check-in. Lunch will be provided.

Please check our website:

Maria Velasquez-Mulino
OESA 2016 Organizing Committee
School of Educational Studies
Doctoral Student
Social Foundations
Oklahoma State University