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Oklahoma State University

Research: Jazz Music May Improve Putting

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Assistant professor in health and human performance Tim Baghurst and OSU Regents Professor Bert Jacobson are part of a team that found that listening to jazz music may improve putting performance on the golf course.

The article was published in the Journal of Athletic Enhancement and recently has been highlighted in a Golf Digest blog, on, and in The Daily Mail.

Baghurst, Jacobson, Tyler Tapps of Northwest Missouri State University, Ali Boolani of Clarkson University and student Richard Gill of Tennessee State University conducted the study. Twenty-two Division I golfers completed a series of six trials, which comprised attempting five putts and four pre-designated locations around a hole. Participants listened to no music or music from classical, country, rock, jazz and hip hop/rap genres while putting. Participants were most effective when listening to jazz music.

The research abstract can be viewed here

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