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Oklahoma State University

Occupational Education Faculty, Students to Present in Malaysia

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Mary Jo Self, associate professor in career and technical education, and doctoral students Muhd Khaizer Omar and Indrit Vucaj have been selected to present at the World TVET (Technical, Vocational, and Educational Training) Conference, the premier International Vocational Conference, in Malaysia in August.

The World TVET conference is sponsored by the International Vocational Education and Training Association. It is the sole peer-reviewed premier international conference focused on vocational education and training. Self and her team will present a paper titled “Fifteen Years of Implementation of a Comprehensive Field Based Teacher Induction Program for Beginning Career and Technical Teachers.”

““The mountain of data we have collected over the past 15 years of my grant work was developed into our proposal,” Self said. “The really neat part of this is that Khaizer is being sponsored by the country of Malaysia in his graduate program. So, he will be able to present a paper in his home country.”

Vucaj is from Tirana, Albania, and Omar is from Selangor, Malaysia. Both are pursuing Ph.D. degrees in occupational education studies.

“Conference attendees will be from across the world and have as their main focus preparation of the incumbent and future workforces of their respective countries as well as worldwide,” Self said.