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Oklahoma State University

Preservice Science Teachers Work with OSU STEM Faculty on Research

Friday, April 24, 2015

Preservice science teachers worked with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) faculty and graduate students across the OSU campus to conduct during the spring 2015 semester as part of Dr. Julie Angle’s Teaching Nature of Science Through an Inquiry Approach (CIED 4613) course. 

“The goal of science literacy is to produce a scientifically literate populace,” said Dr. Angle, an assistant professor in secondary science education. “These future teachers spent four to five hours each week in the labs and fields gathering and analyzing data. By combining a STEM research experience with nature of science lessons, (the preservice teachers’) science literacy is strengthened. It takes a village of science and science education faculty to build quality science teachers and OSU has faculty devoted to this challenge.”

The OSU preservice teachers created classroom lessons based on the research and presented during a research symposium in Willard Hall on April 22.

A full list of preservice teachers and their OSU STEM faculty partners and research titles can be found here:

Preservice Teacher, Faculty Researcher

Jenna Barley, Kristen Baum
Influence of Group Dynamics on Developmental Rate in Milkweed Bugs

Ashley Cast, Li Maria Ma
Development of Novel Control Strategies for Foodborne Pathogens

Nicole Conner, Barry Lavine
Swellable N-isopropylacrylamide Polymer Particles for pH Sensing

Natalie Copens, Loren Smith
Influence of Land Use on Native Invertebrate Pollinator Communities

Nathan DeSandre, Ranjith Ramanathan 
Oxidation Causes Meat Discoloration 

Cassandra Dowds, Barney Luttbeg 
The Effect of Embryonic Exposure to Predation Risk on the Growth and Antipredator Behavior of Physa acuta

Joshua Encinas, Mike Palmer
Climatic Variables and Plant Genera

Chelsea Fortenberry, Donald French 
Do High School Biology and Chemistry Prepare Students to Learn Cellular Respiration in General Biology?

Joshua Harden, Rolf Prade
High-Yield Secretion of Multiple Client Proteins in Aspergillus

Joshua Keegan, Andrew Doust
Effects of Differing Soil Volumes on Setaria viridis (green millet)

Abby McClellan, John Gelder
Visualization and the Learning Cycle: A Great Partnership

Kayla Miller Jennifer Grindstaff 
Disease Avoidance Behaviors of Zebra Finches

Lauren Rene Mitchell, Andrew Doust
Effects of Light Intensity on Growth Patterns in Setaria viridis

Zackery Patton, Eric Benton
Radiation in the World: Showing Radiation’s Effects on the World

Cara Stephens, Matthew Bolek 
Identifying Morphologies of Trypanosomes in Rana sphenocephala

Brooke Ward, Jason Belden
What Environmental Conditions Allow Aquatic Invertebrates to Grow and Survive?

Brent Wooldridge, Gil Summy
Fidelity of the Bose Einstein Condensate

Kacera Yoes, Alix Orr-Yates 
Occurrence of Foodborne Pathogens in Grazed and Non-Grazed Native Pecan Orchards

Emily Gallaway, Arvind Santhanakrishman
Grouping Patterns of Upside-Down Cassiopea Jellyfish

Courtney Loveless, Pamela Lloyd
Genotyping of Lab Mice Bred Mice Pups

Steven Bailey, Udaya DeSilva 
Microbial Diversity of the Canine Endometrium

Blaine Matheson, Ranjith Ramanathan 
Effects of Temperature on Fluorescence Properties of Oxymyoglobin

Aubrey Stearns, Sue Fairbanks 
Food Habits of Black Bears in Southeast Oklahoma