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John D. Foubert, Ph.D. is National President of One in Four (, Principal of John D. Foubert, LLC Consulting, and Professor of Higher Education and Student Affairs at Oklahoma State University. Dr. Foubert has written over 50 peer reviewed publications including 9 books, 7 of which are about how to end sexual violence on college campuses and in the military. Dr. Foubert is frequently contacted by the media to help explain the dynamics of sexual assault on campus, the Campus SAVE act, Title IX and related issues with several appearances on CNN and NPR. He is quoted at least weekly in outlets such as The New York Times, the Washington Post, US News, The Huffington Post, the Houston Chronicle, and Time Magazine. He blogs for The Huffington Post. Dr. Foubert's federally funded research and several dozen peer reviewed journal articles have identified a programmatic method to lower sexual assault by high-risk men by 40%. Dr. Foubert has been called upon by the Pentagon to brief high ranking officials about how to end sexual violence. He has also testified before Congress and been called upon by The White House to help end sexual assault on campus and in the military. Dr. Foubert's current research focuses on how pornography use inhibits bystander intervention in sexual assault situations. His forthcoming 10th book is about the harms of pornography and how those connect to sexual violence. He is able to appear in on camera interviews near his home in Oklahoma City. He is available by email at and by cell phone at 405-338-8046.


Rape Prevention, Sexual Assault, Sexual Violence, Fraternities, Bystander Intervention, Harms of Pornography, College Student Development