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Oklahoma State University

Building Resilient Communities

OSU Student Advisory Board Most Recent Minutes

Recent Successes:
09/2015 - First Movie Night was a hit!
08/2015 - First Family Night was a huge success! 08/2015 - Remind program implemented across the district
04/2015 - Family/School Connection Task Force was created
04/2015 - APO held career fair for 6-8th graders
02/2015 - Hosted Black History Month Art show (100+ entries!)
01/2015 - Began partnership with Alpha Phi Omega (APO), a service fraternity
01/2015 - Project published in OSU's Vanguard Research Magazine
Raising Quality of Life Through Community Partnerships
01/2015 - Awarded $2,000 to help stock the greenhouse
12/2014 - Awarded $1,350 to build raised garden beds

11/2014 - Career fair hosted by Community Counseling Master's students was a HUGE success!
11/2014 - Four support groups started in Coyle schools
12/2014 - IRB approved for community needs assessments
08/2014 - Two Counseling MS students placed at Coyle for internship



We think change begins in our own backyard. We think everyone has something valuable to contribute. We’re working with the Coyle school district to bring university resources to their community. The Coyle area is already doing an amazing job with what they have, and we want to partner with them to take it to the next level.

We are looking for people with a passion for change and a desire to get their hands dirty (literally or figuratively). IS THAT YOU?

(we promise we're not a cult)

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