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Oklahoma State University

Projects in Progress

Increasing School/Family Connection

  • The Family/School Connection Task force was created in April 2015. They met several times and decided to use the Remind app as a a way to connect teachers and families in a more convenient, less invasive way. This idea was brought to the administration, who decided to implement the program across both schools.
  • This task force also runs monthly fun gatherings for families. Volunteers always needed!
  • We are always looking for people willing to help expand this task force and help them reach new heights!

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Assistance with School Guidance

  • Our community partners said the school counselor was stretched thin over the three schools. So, Dr. Crethar created a new practicum placement that allowed two students to work in the schools.
  • Since that time they have been able to more than Quadruple their guidance lessons, plan and conduct a  CAREER FAIR, and start FOUR new support groups. AND THEY’RE NOT DONE YET!


Community Garden

  • The school has been fundraising for a greenhouse over the last few years.
  • We are looking for a team to help them build some plant boxes, plant herbs and vegetables as well as help organize future care schedules.

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After School Tutors

  • Everybody can use some help on homework sometimes
  • We are looking for people who can help with any subject at any level (K-12). Especially: whatever Josh tells me

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Program Evaluation

  • We need data and outcomes to keep us going!
  • If you know how to crunch numbers or want to learn how to evaluate programs, this is the team for you!
  • We are currently focused on evaluating our family/school connection program.

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  • We need people who love taking pictures, are amazing with photoshop, can make social media blow up, can make flyers, or can come up with creative ways to advertise.

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  • Are you a BOSS?
  • Are you the power in group projects? Do you organize all the social events for your friends? We need people who can monitor and provide guidance on initiatives, attend leadership meetings and help make sense of the chaos.

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  • Can you teach us something?
  • There are so many things we need to know more about. We’re looking for presentations on topics like: Warning signs of abuse/neglect; How to approach and handle tough situations in a school setting; Best practices for discipline; How to start a business; New technologies for teachers; YOUR BEST IDEA HERE.

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