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Oklahoma State University

Who We Are

Are you wondering what beautiful people could possibly be behind such a wonderful project? It’s us.


Fae Frederick
Fae sends a lot of emails, writes a lot of post-its and generally tries to keep everything together. If you are communicating with someone electronically, about this project, it is probably her. In her spare time she is a doctoral student in the counseling psychology program and has an unhealthy obsession with dinosaurs.




John Romans
John is the Interim Associate Dean for Graduate Studies, Outreach and Research. He helps BRC network at the university level and finds people to make things work. He thinks you haven’t tasted anything until you’ve made it from scratch.




Josh Sumrall

Josh is the superintendent at Coyle Public Schools. He helps direct the team’s initiatives and gathers community forces.He also doubles as the school's baseball coach.





Ed Harris
Ed is a Professor and Williams Chair of Educational Leadership in Higher Education Leadership. He comes up with a lot of great ideas and helps connect university and community members.





Julie Croff
Julie is an assistant professor in Health and Human Promotion. She carries around a book of to-do lists and is very good at five minute meetings.





Hugh Crethar
Hugh is an Associate Professor in Counseling Psychology. He helps move initiatives forward and also has a collection of bobble heads in his office.




Jon Ramsey
Jon is an assistant professor in Agricultural Education, Communications, and Leadership. Right now, he is focused on the garden initiative. Fun fact, he is a third degree cowboy with his BS, MS, and PhD degrees from OSU!

Tammy Mix
Tammy is an associate professor in sociology. She is consulting on our needs assessment project. She has done research on many things including, not certainly not limited to: grass roots coalitions, nuclear power plant workers, and wolves.

Tim Schlais
Tim is the grant manager for COE. He helps us find and apply to grants pretty much constantly. He has an extraordinary amount of knowledge about gardening and it is very easy to schedule meetings with him.