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Oklahoma State University

Teacher Feature: Maggie Roberts

EHA Alumni Maggie Roberts


Maggie Roberts


Bachelor of Science in Biological Science, Secondary Teacher Certification (2018)

Current School Site:

Oklahoma Christian School (Edmond, OK)

Teaching Position:

7th Grade Physical Science and 6th Grade STEM

Number of Years Teaching:




Why did you decide to become an educator:

Because I had a passion for working with students and a love for science. This career was a perfect combination of two things so important to me: mentorship and inspiring students to learn and be in awe of the world around us.

What brings joy to your work?

Middle school is a time where so many students are trying to figure out who they are and what they find interesting. I love the opportunity I have to cultivate relationships with students and encourage them in this journey.

Elaborate on the impact you have as a teacher.

One of the reasons I decided to become an educator is because of some truly amazing teachers I had. I think a teacher’s impact starts in the little things, like stopping to have a conversation to encourage a student or taking the time to go to students’ school activities. It is shocking how much of an impact you can have by taking those extra steps. With my sweet middle school students, I know many may not share the depth of impact on their lives, but I have confidence that I am planting seeds each day that will grow to bear much greater fruit!

Dr. Julie Angle, associate professor of science education, had the following to say about the OSU secondary science program and Maggie’s research contributions:

Our secondary science teacher education program ensures that Preservice Science Teachers (PSTs) are scientifically literate, meaning they possess a strong understanding of science content knowledge, the methods and practices of science and the nature of science. To ensure this high standard of teacher preparation, students conduct STEM research under the mentorship of OSU faculty in a research immersion experience. Maggie’s research experience resulted in cutting-edge research contributions conducted in the Department of Integrative Biology with Dr. Barney Lettbeg and his team of researchers and positioned her as a published co-author in the prestigious journal of Aquatic Ecology.

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