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COVID-19 Client Protocols

Pre-session/entry to the clinic guidance

  • No clients will be allowed in the waiting room.
  • Clients should arrive 10 minutes prior to their scheduled session start time. When clients arrive for their session, they should call the front desk at (405) 744-5058. A member of our staff will conduct a Wellness Check Survey with clients over the phone and note the client’s vehicle information to take them a parking pass prior to their session. The client’s therapist will be notified of their arrival and will go outside to greet the client when it’s time for the client’s scheduled session.
  • Masks are required by all clients upon arrival in the hallways and during greeting at clients’ vehicles. Masks should also be utilized anytime the required six feet physical distancing requirement cannot be met. Masks are recommended at all other times.


In-session guidance

  • Once all parties are in the therapy room and sitting at least six feet apart, therapists and clients may remove their masks at their own discretion.
  • All parties in the therapy room should work to maintain at least six feet of physical distance at all times. If appropriate physical distance is not possible to be maintained (e.g. play therapy with children), then masks should be worn throughout the session. Children younger than two years old should NOT wear masks, according to the CDC.


Post-session guidance

  • All parties in a therapy, observation or supervision room should wear a mask as they exit and are in open, public areas of the building.
  • Therapists should walk their clients to the outer building door to retrieve the clinic parking pass.


Physical distancing guidance

  • Guidance will be posted throughout the clinic and building doors.
  • Anyone entering the Human Sciences West building and using the CFS should work to maintain six feet of physical distance from others as best as they can at all times (unless they are living in the same household).
  • In order to decrease traffic in the CFS and Human Sciences West building, therapists are allowed to book therapy sessions with clients any time Monday – Friday, between the hours of 9 a.m. – 8 p.m., with the last session available for scheduling at 7 p.m. Please note that sessions may not be scheduled at the top of the hour as they traditionally have been.


Personal safety/hygiene guidance 

  • If you feel sick, have any symptoms of illness or have been around anyone else who is sick, please do not come to the CFS. Notify your therapist and contact your medical provider. No-show fees will not be charged if you cannot attend due to illness.
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