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Oklahoma State University

OKC Educational Cohort Programs

The College of Education, Health and Aviation currently supports eight international/off-site graduate programs of study. If you are interested in exploring the possibility of initiating an off-site or international program, please contact Cindy Cario at (405) 744-8932.

OKC Masters, ED.D. School Admin, and ED.D. Higher Education Cohorts

Beginning fall 2007, higher education and school administration faculty began offering degree programs in Educational Leadership Studies in Oklahoma City. What started as one cohort of masters students has grown to six cohorts of both master's and doctoral students. These cohorts in the metropolitan Oklahoma City area were designed to meet the needs of educators without the necessity of travel weekly to the Stillwater campus. Coursework is offered in a hybrid of face-to-face and online. If you have questions or wish additional information about this program and the students, please contact Dr. Steve Wanger at 405-744-3982, Dr. Kerri Kearney at 405-744-2755 or Dr. Bernita Krumm 405-744-9445.

School Administration Application Guide