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Jessica Riggin

Jessica Riggin serves as the Family and Consumer Science Educator in Lincoln County.  She began her Extension career in 2008 and is currently in her 8th year. Jessica graduated from Marietta High School, a small school in Love County.  She received a Bachelor of Science Degree from Oklahoma State University in Hotel/Restaurant Administration in 2006 and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nutrition in 2015. She started work on the Master of Science in Nutrition last year.  Jessica spent nine years as a Love County 4-H member, and has a long history with Oklahoma Cooperative Extension. Her Issue Team areas in Lincoln County are Finances, Family Resiliency and Risky Behaviors.

Within the realm of the Finances issue, Jessica loves teaching middle school and high school students the basics of money management. She has presented the 4-H Money FUNdamentals curriculum as well as Welcome to the Real World/Reality Check to the county’s 7th and 8th graders and seniors.
Jessica Riggins With a Group
Jessica Riggins Teaching


Apart from financial management, the Lincoln County FCS program offers a wide variety of programs including Co-Parenting for Resilience, Home Food Preservation, Active Parenting Now, 4-H Food Showdown and Disaster Preparedness. Jessica is also a certified instructor for the Arthritis Foundation’s Land Exercise Program and really enjoys working with clientele on improving their strength and balance through this group exercise program.

Jessica’s decision to enter into a career with Cooperative Extension was an easy one. She grew up with parents who were in vocational education. Her father taught agriculture and was an FFA advisor and her mother taught high school Family and Consumer Science and was an FHA advisor before coming to work for Extension herself. She is most passionate about helping people to live better lives through financial education and nutrition education. Being physically healthy as well as financially healthy are two very important aspects to living a great life!

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