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Penny King

She began her Extension career six years ago, starting in 2009. She has previously served clientele in Sequoyah and Nowata Counties. She makes her home in Rogers County on the Mother Road—“Historic Route 66” and the home of Will Rogers Memorial, Rogers State University and the Port of Catoosa, the largest inland river-port in the United States.

Penny’s issue teams are Nutrition, Risky Behaviors and Family Resiliency. She enjoys teaching a variety of programs to diverse audiences. She is driven to help those who are not as fortunate. Her favorite areas of programming are Nutrition, Health and Wellness, along with Family Resiliency.


She likes new challenges such as creating a new lesson for OHCE with guidance from a specialist on OSU campus. One of her favorite lessons she researched and is teaching is “Desserts from Vegetables”. She baked desserts and made smoothies from vegetables. She was high-lighted at a Diabetes Clinic and did a food presentation on “Healthy snacks for diabetics”. New to Rogers County, she is teaching the “The Arthritis Land Exercise” to the volunteers through the Health Department to teach their clients. She feels that staying fit is essential to good health along with eating healthy.

Penny collaborates with neighboring counties to provide an annual child care conference in partnership with DHS and the Cherokee Nation. She partners with the Early Childcare Providers in the county, teaching lessons to parents to make better choices financially and become more active with their family.

Penny King with others
Penny King with others


Another significant area of programming is Co-Parenting for Resilience. Previously in Nowata County, she taught a tri-county Co-Parenting class with up to twenty in each class. She is providing this class now in Rogers County and is net-working in the community to help these parents to be “Resilient”.

As a child I was raised on a farm with cattle and horses and learned how important family is! My desire started here as a youth, but I didn’t embark upon it until my mid-thirties. I was a non-traditional student with the tenacity to acquire a degree where I could help families learn to be healthy in all ways. With the experience of raising my own young family at that time, I embarked up on this career choice. With direction from an aunt who was an FCS Educator, along with the skills I obtained from 4-H is how I chose my awesome career.


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