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Sara Randolph
Even after growing up through the 4-H program in Stephens County, Sara never considered Cooperative Extension as a career until her final year of college.  While taking a curriculum development class, the Family and Consumer Sciences Educator from Payne County visited as a guest speaker.  Soon after, Sara realized that she would really enjoy the different aspects of Extension work.  She first began her career in North Carolina Cooperative Extension in 2003.  In 2007, she moved back to Oklahoma and went right to work with Marshall County Extension.  Sara focuses on healthy living, finance, and risky behaviors issue teams, and also has responsibilities with the 4-H program in Marshall County.
Sara developed a great relationship with the local public schools, and is able to visit each year to present programs on making healthy food choices and encouraging physical activity. Over her 9 years in Extension, Sara has conducted healthy living school enrichment programs to reach over 2000 youth in Marshall County.  In addition to healthy living programs, Sara also presents “Money Munchkins” to Madill 2nd graders each year to introduce them to financial concepts.
Sara Randolph exercising with children
Sara Randolph interacting with children
One of Sara’s favorite health programs she teaches each year is a cooking class for special needs students at Madill Middle School.  Meeting twice a month throughout the school year, Sara teaches these youth different cooking techniques while also introducing them to a variety of healthy foods.  The ability and knowledge of preparing safe and healthy meals is critical to independent living as adults, and Sara truly enjoys helping these students to gain confidence in the kitchen.

While Sara certainly love working with youth, one program she is most passionate about is Co-Parenting for Resilience.  As a divorced parent herself, Sara understands the importance of parents working together to raise healthy and successful youth.  She believes this programs equips parents with the proper tools to work through their new situation and continue to focus on what is best for their children.

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