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Publications and resources


1. Making Successful Choices  
Making Successful Choices Lesson Making Successful Choices Teachers' Guide
Making Successful Choices Presentation  
2. The Job Application  
The Job Application Lesson The Job Application Teachers' Guide
The Job Application Presentation  
3. Look the Part  
Look the Part Lesson Look the Part Teachers' Guide
Look the Part Presentation Dressing for a Job Interview
4. Building Self Esteem  
Building Self Esteem Lesson Building Self Esteem Teachers' Guide
Building Self Esteem Presentation  
5. The Job Interview  
The Job Interview Lesson The Job Interview Teachers' Guide
The Job Interview Presentation The Interview
6. Be a Good Worker  
Be a Good Worker Lesson Be a Good Worker Teachers' Guide
Be a Good Worker Presentation  
7. Handling Work and Family  
Handling Work and Family Lesson Handling Work and Family Teachers' Guide
Handling Work and Family Presentation  
8. Budgeting Money - Part 1  
Budgeting Money - Part 1 Lesson Budgeting Money - Part 1 Teachers' Guide
Budgeting Money - Part 1 Presentation  
9. Budgeting Money - Part 2  
Budgeting Money - Part 2 Lesson Budgeting Money - Part 2 Teachers' Guide
Budgeting Money - Part 2 Presentation  
10. Getting and Managing Credit  
Getting and Managing Credit Lesson Getting and Managing Teachers' Guide
Getting and Manage Credit Presentation  
11. Paying the Bills  
Paying the Bills Lesson Paying the Bills Teachers' Guide
Paying the Bills Presentation  
12. Finding Transportation  
Finding Transportation Lesson Finding Transportation Teachers' Guide
Finding Transportation Presentation  
13. Taking Care of a Car  
Taking Care of a Car Lesson Taking Care of a Car Teachers' Guide
Taking Care of a Car Presentation