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Success Stories

FCS Did you Know?

FCS impacts during COVID-19 pandemic

2019 FCS Highlights

Family & Consumer Sciences Extension Educators work through statewide issue teams to address health and hunger; safety and environment; finance and job readiness; and family and child resilience.

Improving Health

Oklahoma ranks 43rd in the nation for diabetes. Evaluation data from program participants shows that

78% have maintained or lost weight and 57% are in better control of their blood glucose.

"I took the LEAD diabetes class five months ago. I have lost 13 lbs. and my A1C is down 1.3 points. This is because of the class and I wan to take it again!"


Increasing Community Health & Wellness

Oklahoma ranks 41st nationally for physical inactivity. Family and Consumer Sciences provides education in successful physical activity for people with arthritis. Of those completing post-program evaluations, 86% of participants said the program has helped them increase physical activity.

“I was afraid to walk alone because of frequent falls. At first, we only walked twice around the track. By the end we walked 1.25 miles in 28 minutes! I'm going to keep walking with my dog.

Improving Children's Lives through Parenting & Marriage Education

Oklahoma ranks third nationally for number of divorces. Evaluation data shows 85% of participants became more likely to approach parenting as a joint effort and view their child's other parent like a valued member of a team.

“After she took this class, my ex threw out the original custody arrangement and gave me more time with our daughter. I think we would have been able to work things out if we had first taken this class together."


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