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Serving and inspiring youth and families

United We Can works to enhance academic achievement among minority middle school students. We want to equip students with skills to be successful, empower their families and promote opportunities to strengthen positive peer relationships. Our aim is for every child to graduate high school and have the opportunity to pursue a higher education. 


Three pillars of engagement


Families attend a series of sessions throughout the academic year that equip parents with the tools needed to support and advocate for their child’s education and success

Success Coaching

Each school site has a designated success coach that works with students, focusing on growth mindset, goal setting and creating healthy habits to guide the students to their success.

Positive Peer Relationships

Students participate in activities where they are offered a safe space to bond with one another and develop a sense of belonging with a group of like-minded peers. 


Where we serve

United We Can works with students at multiple middle and junior high sites in Tulsa Public Schools. 


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