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Oklahoma State University


How do I gain admission to OSU's Professional Education Program?

Students should fill out the online application with their Academic Advisor. Or, contact Kathy Boyer, (405) 744-6253 and complete the Application for Admission to the Professional Education Program.

When should I apply for admission to Professional Education?

Most students apply when they enroll in a Foundations of Education course, or, for certification at the Master's level, when they gain admission to the program. Full Admission to the Professional Education Program is a prerequisite for specific courses including the clinical experience and obtaining the university's recommendation for certification.

How do I become fully admitted to Professional Education?

Candidates must successfully complete: (1) a Foundations of Education course with a minimum grade of "C", (2) pass the Oklahoma General Education Test (OGET), (3) satisfactorily complete the field experience course including portfolio submission #1 and (4) candidates must earn and maintain at least a 2.50 cumulative graduate retention GPA. Candidates who already hold an initial certification and are seeking an advanced certification must provide a copy of their current certificate.

How do I meet the foreign language proficiency requirement?

Candidates admitted to the Professional Education Program must demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language at the novice high level. Proficiency may be documented by two years of high school in the same language with a grade of "B" or better, five college hours (or transcripted equivalent) with a grade of "C" or better, transfer proficiency from another Oklahoma Institution, or successfully complete an approved examination.

What Examinations do I take and when do I take them?

Three certification examinations are required for Oklahoma educators: the OGET, OSAT and OPTE.

  1. The Oklahoma General Education Test (OGET) should be taken after completing 45 to 60 hours of general education course work, somewhere toward the end of your sophomore year. Successful completion is required for Full Admission to the program.
  2. The Oklahoma Subject Area Tests (OSAT) are designed to assess subject-matter knowledge and skills. It is recommended that the candidate take the exam upon successful completion of 90 semester credit hours; have admission to Professional Education, including appropriate GPA; and have successfully completed specific courses for the certification teaching areas.
  3. The Oklahoma Professional Teaching Examination (OPTE) is designed to assess professional knowledge and pedagogical skills. It is recommended that the candidate take the examination during the clinical/student teaching experience.

A minimum score of 240 is required for passing on all examinations. Additional OSAT examinations may be taken to add certification areas.

How do I register for the Certification Examinations?

The Certification Examinations for Oklahoma Educators are administered by a national testing company and registration forms or internet registration is available @ For test dates consult the web site.

What is the e-Portfolio and when do I need to do it?

The State of Oklahoma requires that all initial and advanced certification candidates must develop a portfolio documenting their accomplishments, learning and strengths related to the competencies, standards and outcomes established by the Oklahoma Commission for Teacher Preparation, the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education, the State Department of Education and the candidate's institution. The portfolio will provide candidates with a personal tool for reflecting upon their teaching skills, knowledge and understandings. This portfolio is an edited collection of the teacher candidate's evidence of learning and professional growth and reflections representing progress through the entire professional education program. The portfolio will provide the basis for assessing the candidate's progress in and completion of, the program. Upon graduation, the completed portfolio may be edited and used as a dossier to help the new teacher in placement interviews. The candidate will create the portfolio in LiveText, a web-based tool for storing, presenting and assessing candidate data. The candidate must make the portfolio available upon request for admission, prior to student teaching, at the completion of student teaching, or for program accreditation purposes.

View the Portfolio Handbook.

Field Experiences and Clinical Internships

What is a field experience?

Students participate in a field experience prior to student teaching. You will work with your professors and the Field Experiences and Clinical Practice Office to set up a schedule where you will be observing a teacher in his/her classroom. You will be required to participate in a variety of diverse field/clinical experience settings, so plan your experiences accordingly (rural, suburban and urban with varying socio-economic demographics).

When do I do my clinical experience/internship?

Clinical practice internships (also often referred to as "student teaching") are generally completed your final semester of the undergraduate program at OSU. Secondary education majors student teach in the spring semester. It is important to work with your advisor and faculty to determine your exact student teaching semester. For more information about student teaching, see the Clinical Practice Internship Handbook.

Where can I do my clinical practice internship?

The school districts listed below are potential placement sites for student teachers. You will not be allowed to student teach in a school that you attended, a school your children attend, or a school where a family member attends or works. Remember, you will be required to participate in Field Experiences in a variety of diverse settings.

View potential placement sites for Interns.

How do I become certified to teach?

During your final semester you will submit an application for an Oklahoma School Certificate to the Professional Education Office. A Professional Education Staff member will come to your classes to walk you through this process. Upon completion of one of OSU's approved teacher education programs, the University will recommend you for teacher certification to the State Department of Education (SDE), at which time you will fill out your personal information and pay your fee online to the SDE.

Are criminal background checks required?

Any person applying for the first issuance of an Oklahoma certificate must submit fingerprints to the State Department for certification. The fingerprint requirement applies even if you have recently submitted fingerprint information in another state.

How do I obtain a teaching certificate in another state?

Most states have an interstate agreement with Oklahoma and you will need an Institutional Verification Form from the receiving state to be completed and signed by the certification officer at OSU stating that you completed an approved teacher preparation program and are eligible for a certificate. Some states require additional testing. Contact the appropriate State Department of Education for requirements at Go to Interstate Agreement, then Select a Jurisdiction.

Where do I go for help?

If you have additional questions, you should call the Certification Office, 405-744-6252 or email To contact the Oklahoma State Department of Education call 405-521-3337 or check their Certification information on the SDE website:


If I meet certification requirements, do I meet graduation requirements?

Certification and degree requirements are not the same. Students must meet all academic requirements for graduation for their degree to be conferred. Additionally, students must meet all certification requirements (including foreign language proficiency) to be recommended by OSU for certification in any state. There are certification requirements beyond degree/graduation requirements and your Academic Advisor will work with you on this. Download the certification requirements for your program.