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Oklahoma State University

Physical Education

Physical Education Cover Photo

What is physical education?

This major is for students interested in teaching physical education in grades PK-12. Curriculum includes science-based and content-specific courses, teaching methods and health.

Why physical education at OSU?

OSU prepares and develops educators who facilitate life-long learning and enrich quality of life for people in public schools and other educational settings. Our education graduates are highly sought after by school leaders and hiring officials in Oklahoma and other states who recognize the high quality of OSU graduates. Our students enter the classroom with extensive and relevant practical experience.

Career Paths

Some careers listed below pay require additional education.

  • Physical Education Teacher (PK-12)
  • Athletic Coach
  • Health and Wellness Instructor
  • Career and Technical Education Teacher
  • Elementary and Middle School Principal
  • School and Career Counselor
  • Special Education Teacher


Dr. Trish Hughes / Associate Professor
405-744-9331 / / 185 Colvin Center 

Field Experience

Students will participate in multiple field experiences throughout their curriculum. Observation hours will be completed during the junior and senior years in rural and urban school settings. During the final semester before graduation, students will teach in both an elementary and secondary school setting, or they can participate in student teaching abroad.

Student Teaching Abroad

Students have the opportunity to take their student teaching experience abroad, either to Costa Rica or Mexico. The goal of the 15-week international internship program is to expand the personal and professional experience of students to enrich their global perspective as teachers.