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Oklahoma State University

Physical Education Undergraduate Degree

Physical Education combines two exciting concepts: spending time with students and helping them put together a foundation for movement, personal fitness, and healthy choices that will enhance their lives. Physical Education professionals are in demand to teach in grades K-12, to design programs in schools, social service organizations, public institutions, and private businesses, and to coach athletics. As the relationship between good fitness and good health is better understood, the need for professionals in this field has risen and is very likely to continue to increase.

Career Opportunities

The major in Physical Education leads to a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education. This degree prepares graduates for a license to teach K-12 physical education and health and to coach athletics. In addition to teaching, many students use their degree in physical education to enter careers in the YMCA and similar agencies where teaching, coaching, and programming professionals are needed. This degree also is accepted by many graduate schools as appropriate preparation for graduate study. Electives, planned with individual academic advisers, may be used to enhance and broaden career preparation. Master’s and doctoral degrees with emphasis in physical education are among the related advanced degrees offered by Oklahoma State University.

Getting Experience

Every student in every program at the OSU College of Education, Health and Aviation (EHA) gets a significant amount of hands-on experience before graduating. Physical Education majors experience 45 hours of assisting with real-life situations in schools and 14 weeks of student teaching. Some students get practical experience by participating in the National Youths Sports Program (NYSP), workshops, conferences, and other volunteer work.

Specialized Courses

Physical education is based on pedagogy of sport skills, exercise and fitness, outdoor activities, and rhythmic movement. Studies include adapted physical education, kinesiology, bio-mechanics, physiology of exercise, elementary and secondary teaching methods and motor development.


Physical Education majors learn how to integrate telecommunications and technology in their profession. They learn about making computer-assisted presentations, setting up web sites, preparing distance learning courses for the internet, and other activities to stimulate students. In addition to required technology courses, EHA students experience computer-oriented units integrated in many classes. This brings technology into everyday use for future teachers.

Getting the Job

The College is very successful in assisting students in finding jobs upon graduation. The OSU Career Services, the EHA career consultant, the academic advisement staff, and faculty communicate regularly with employers seeking to hire OSU College of Education graduates.


Last year more than $250,000 in scholarships were awarded to students in the College of Education, Health and Aviation. In addition to endowed scholarships from the college, students are sometimes awarded scholarships from state or national professional organizations. Students may also apply for fee waivers, college workstudy, federal grants and loans, and employment opportunities on campus.